Becoming a developer at Youwe

Read more about Rik's career change into a developer.

Three years ago, Rik decided to turn his world upside down and pursue a career in development. Without any related experience beforehand, he enrolled in a bootcamp to do something new and something he enjoys. Rik is part of the Pimcore team at Youwe. “We mostly work on the backend of an online store. We make sure that with this product information management tool, all the products in that store are easily manageable in one system.” 

“I'm happy in an environment where the code quality is high and where there is room to experiment.” Rik explains that as a developer it is very important to keep challenging yourself to become a better developer.  

Writing code at Youwe

We were curious about Rik's experience in our team: “Youwe does a lot of things as a company to show you are appreciated as an employee. You receive gifts, we have team gatherings but also receive things like budget for professional and personal development. It is very nice to see that Youwe does all these things for everyone company-wide.”  

When it comes to ambitions, Rik was very clear: “I started working as a developer not too long ago. I want to be delivering the best possible code I can, and I'm still learning to do so with the help of our team.

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