The freedom to create as a Visual Designer

A story from Leonardo Pantuso, Designer at Youwe
Relocating to The Netherlands

Are you curious about what a Visual Designer does all day? This Life at Youwe story gives you a glimpse into Leonardo’s life as a visual motion designer.  In 2019 Leonardo joined the team at Youwe, he brings stories to life through graphics, videos, web designs and so much more.  

As a visual designer your workday depends on the projects you are working on. Leonardo is usually involved in several projects at the same time, it allows him to divide his attention and creativity. One day he is busy editing videos and the next day he could do something completely different. “This is why it never gets boring”. 

“Thinking in new ways” 

Leonardo would describe his job as 'challenging’, because each project is a new challenge. A challenge that keeps you on your toes, it keeps you learning and improving. Every project requires something different; this is why you have to keep thinking in new creative ways. Leonardo gets his inspiration from the drive to be excellent in his work. Being professional, it is important to use a consistent style but still remain innovative.  

Creative freedom 

Leonardo also works closely with the Youwe marketing team. Together, they collaborate on different projects. It's fun to work together towards a beautiful result. In doing so, Leonardo is the expert, and gets to decide what it should look like. “My favorite thing about my job is the creative freedom. This freedom is good for your creativity because you don't have to color within the lines." 

“Youwe grows as a company, it's nice to see that the quality is growing along with it”. As a designer, I appreciate that Youwe is always moving forward and keeps on improving. This way you don’t get stuck on the same level. Leonardo’s goal for the future is to continue to improve his skills to create better designs.



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