Going on expedition in the digital jungle

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The Youwe Expedition

“Stay ahead, go beyond” is our catchphrase at Youwe. To us, staying ahead and going beyond is about challenging yourself continuously by taking responsibility for your own growth and development. Here at Youwe, this challenge becomes an expedition, the Youwe Expedition. That means you are on a mission to learn, supported by the structures and tools we have at Youwe to achieve your goals. The Youwe Academy, development budget, training opportunities, team development sessions and personal coaching are some of the resources available to our team. Your Youwe Expedition takes place every year and creates a professional and personal development path for every colleague at Youwe.   

Guide to our customers 

We talked to Jikky, who facilitates the professional and personal development of our team. “Our colleagues choose Youwe because they can continue to challenge themselves with our guidance and support. This is what gives their personal and professional expedition a boost.” Together we strive to be the best guides in the digital jungle for our customers. By going on expedition, we are able to grow personally and professionally while improving and helping Youwe grow at the same time. It is all about working towards an even better you and Youwe, together. 

Sometimes it can be a challenge to know what you want to learn or where to start. The Youwe Expedition gives you this starting point and helps you create goals for the coming year.   

A success so far 

We asked Jikky how she experienced supporting colleagues on their Expedition: “I'm considering it to be a success already. We have built a scalable and structured system for all our colleagues, no matter where you are located. Besides that, the Expedition gives everyone a clear growth path. Overall, I think it is important that we create clarity on what is expected from our colleagues and facilitate the resources for them to get there.”  

What's next 

There are many new plans on the table to keep the professional and development cycle ahead and beyond. Jikky: “We are working on some exciting new ideas to help every team member achieve their next level. For example, we are working on a training program to help our experienced colleagues become better at coaching and helping less experienced colleagues.” 


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