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Groningen Youwe Travel Guide
Following Youwe’s Travel Guide, we arrive at Groningen, where the streets are full of history mixed with modern talent. In between those distinct buildings, Youwe’s Groningen office is a vibrant hub for our employees immersed in their projects. While Groningen is a mix of historical charm and modern design, Youwe’s office there is a haven for our creatives and analytical masterminds. And both in the city and at the office, this mix creates an authentic and inspiring environment! 

As Ellen Broere, the office manager in Groningen, describes in our Travel Guide: 

“Groningen, in all its charm, offers a diverse range of experiences. Its historic streets, accompanied by the calming flow of canals, create a unique atmosphere that always feels welcoming. What truly makes Groningen special is its people and their warmth.

Our city slogan proudly declares: “There is nothing above Groningen.” It’s not just our geographical position...”

From the heart of Groningen, where the city's motto proudly proclaims its greatness, a philosophy of relentless progress emerges. This can be felt at the Youwe office, motivating our colleagues to Stay Ahead and Go Beyond!

Jorn de Vreede, a Digital Strategist from Youwe Groningen, elaborates on this: 

“At Youwe, we believe in continuous improvement. And as an individual here, I think you can have a lot of influence to improve on how we work together. If I come up with good ideas, I know I will be heard and my ideas will be taken into account. You would normally expect that the bigger the company, the less influence you can have, but that is not the case at Youwe. It has a really laid-back vibe, you can just talk to everyone, and you don't feel any hierarchy at all. And I like that a lot.”

The friendly atmosphere at our office in Groningen

The friendly atmosphere at our office in Groningen

Jorn’s excitement for the amiable environment in the Groningen office led to a virtual tour in which he showed us his favorite places around the workplace.

“We have two floors, and all the offices are on the top floor. Our living room and community space are downstairs, where we gather for breaks and fun activities, like a PlayStation game. It’s quite spacious, so on busy days, they're like 50-60 people here enjoying their lunch at the same time.”

Groningen office lunch break

Almost lunchtime

Groningen office Games Break

Game breaks 

Groningen office Games break

Game breaks 

And what happens once the office closes after a busy week and the weekend knocks on your door? Jorn reminds us that Groningen made an appearance in the CNN article for Best places in Europe to visit: A modern-day Grand Tour. In Jorn’s words, Groningen is a hidden gem and “the city that never sleeps. I think most of the places still don’t have any closing times. You know, if you want to go party all night - it’s possible.” 

As the city with the youngest population in the Netherlands, the lively atmosphere is conducive to spending a lot of time outdoors. Ellen has an entire plan laid out for you:

“Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Wadapartja, located at Westerhaven. (Note: Wadapartja has two restaurants in Groningen, and I prefer the one at Westerhaven) 
Next, rent a bike from Pims Fietsen to explore Groningen on two wheels, allowing easy access to city attractions. 

If you feel like shopping, here are the main hubspots:  
- Herestraat: Groningen’s main shopping street, with a wide range of shops and boutiques, 
- Folkingestraat: Famous for unique and independent shops and galleries, 
- Zwanestraat: Ideal for fashion enthusiasts with trendy shops and vintage stores, 
- Astraat: Lined with boutiques offering clothing and lifestyle products, 
- Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat: Featuring art galleries, bookstores, and speciality shops. 

At 10 AM, indulge in a coffee break at Cappuvino’s rooftop terrace, boasting the best city view. For the finest coffee in the city center, visit Doppio – the Brugstraat branch is busier than the Folkingestraat one. Take a walk along Groningen’s canals to Noorderplantsoen. Enjoy tranquillity and catch outdoor performances or events, like the Noorderzon Festival (August) or a food truck festival (July).

Explore the Prinsentuin, a picturesque garden located adjacent to the luxurious Prinsenhof Hotel. Stroll through its well-tended paths and, on sunny days, don’t miss the opportunity to relax at OMNI, a charming tea house nestled within the historic Prinsentuin.

Enjoy the beauty of Groningen from above by climbing the Martinitoren’s stairs (311 steps) or, for those who prefer a more leisurely approach, glide up the escalator at the Forum. Both paths promise a panorama of the city that you won’t want to miss!”

The list goes on and on and if your curiosity is as big as this Saturday's plan, we would love to give you more insights about Groningen and about Youwe’s office there!

Youwe Groningen office

Our Groningen office building