Happy International Women's Day from Youwe!

from Youwe

On March 8th, it's International Women's Day! At Youwe, we celebrate this day by acknowledging all the amazing women on the Youwe team. In Kiev, Ukraine, International Women's Day is celebrated like it is Valentine's Day in the rest of the world; the ladies are put in the spotlight.  

For us, it's a day to celebrate all the achievements women have accomplished over the years. Today, at Youwe, we celebrate the amazing ladies working at our offices internationally.  

We asked one of our fellow ladies from our Ukrainian office what International Women’s Day is like over there. Iryna: “We have a day off and all the men in our lives make us feel like princesses. We receive gifts, flowers and other surprises.”  

We appreciate all the women who are contributing to Youwe - thank you, and happy International Womens Day!  


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