Happy Together

All our Youwels in one place
Youwe - The Expedition

The beginning of this month was a very special time for Youwe – time for celebrations and time for all our Youwels to finally get together.

As Youwe has grown a lot over the past couple of years, and expanded internationally, the idea to organize a big party where our Youwels can finally meet their colleagues from different locations has been long in the making. The outcome – an absolute success and so much fun! Check out the after-party movie to get a first-hand impression.

Thank you to everyone who came and, for those who could not, know you were truly missed. As we grow, we hope to welcome more and more Youwels, new and old, near and far, to days like this.


The overarching theme of the party, Youwe Expedition, and the exquisite party location, the Jungle Dome, were a very intentional choice. With the motto of staying ahead and going beyond, all our Youwels are a part of a wider yearly expedition that leads us on the path to success. For us, success comes from working together and learning together.

Our party organizers, Aletta (Rotterdam office), Ellen (Groningen office), Cathryn (Leeds office), Irina (Kiev office) and Melissa (Shrewsbury office), went a long way to devise an intricate set of a full day of fun activities, ranging from sports challenges for those brave of heart, pub quizzes for those who like brain teasers and a fun party for everyone to top the day with.

The party was also an excellent moment to recognize and celebrate our colleagues who have been with the company for more than a decade: Mark, Jasper, Gertjan, Klaas Johan, Martijn, Bas, Michiel, Rick, Tabitha from our Groningen office, Roelf, Bart, Arjan, Eline, Mike, Esdras from our Rotterdam office and Camilla, Rob, Dave, Stuart, John, Andy from our Shrewsbury office.

“More than working together, Youwe is about being together and knowing your colleagues, spending and enjoying your time with them. It was just remarkable to see all our Youwels finally at one place and see the happiness on everyone’s face when they finally met their colleagues they have so far only seen online,” shared the party organizers, Aletta and Ellen.