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Rotterdam The Youwe Travel Guide
At Youwe, we always strive to innovate and deliver excellence. Thus, we kicked off the year in style – by releasing our very own and very first Travel Guide; a book filled with stories of our shared passion for exploration. It’s a reflection of the Youwe spirit and our sense of adventure! And what better starting point in this exciting exploration than Rotterdam – the vibrant Dutch city and the home of Youwe!

Arjan van der Pol, Business and IT Manager at Youwe, shares the story of Rotterdam through his own unique perspective. 

“It’s the most down-to-earth, cool, always changing, real city in the Netherlands. It’s mad, but it’s also always been a place where luck seekers from all over the world found their home. All these influences from around the world made it the city it is now. I think a poem by a famous Rotterdam poet, J.A. Deelder, describes it best (translated): 

"Rotterdam can’t be filmed – the images change too fast –Rotterdam has no past – and no crow step

Rotterdam isn’t romantic –  has no time for silliness –  is not open to suggestions – not listening to nonsense 

It’s not camera sensitive –  seems better than it is – it is square, high and angular –  tilted against the light 

Rotterdam is not an illusion –  awakened by the camera – Rotterdam can’t be filmed –  Rotterdam is way too genuine”

Rotterdam Office View

View of the city from our Rotterdam office window

And no wonder that Youwe's home is set in this genuine city. Arjan will celebrate his 15th work anniversary with Youwe this year and he remembers how, together with the city, our company has been changing and growing:

“We started as a very small company – basically, just a handful of very techy people passionate about what they do – delivering websites to our clients. And the passion to always do better has always been present in the company. Over the years, we kept growing through different mergers and acquisitions, adding new services to our portfolio to get to where we are now – a global full-service digital agency with more than 300 employees from all over the world!

The fact that we, as a company, are open to change is the main reason I’m still here after all these years. We’re always evolving to stay at the forefront and I think that's actually one of the most important tasks as an IT business. It's important to note, Youwe is not a company where we force change and give strict directives – we rather trust our people to work together and develop together. The spirit of adventure is always present.

What I love about Rotterdam and the Youwe office is the energy you feel here. We have the privilege to constantly meet young people coming in with fresh new ideas. If you dare claim the space for your idea, your endeavors will be welcomed and rewarded.”

Aletta Seij, the Office Manager at Youwe Rotterdam, adds to this, “ Youwe Rotterdam is a great place to work. We have a wonderful mix of talented people, everyone can be themselves and is accepted here. Colleagues don't feel like colleagues only, but also friends that you can confide in and will have your back when you need it. I love working here, the atmosphere is very relaxed, but super professional at the same time.”

And talking about ideas and keeping the energy level high, here is Arjan’s recommendation for a perfect weekend day in Rotterdam: 

“Wake up early in the morning at 7.00 and get some fresh croissants at Jordy’s bakery. Then jump on the Metro round the corner to Hoek van Holland beach to get some coffee and a lesson in wave surfing (yes, the metro stops literally on the beach). After that go back with the same metro and get out around the Museum Park area. At least go to the Kunsthal (the best museum in NL according to me) and I would also visit the Depot building (it’s an art Death Star in the middle of the park). For lunch, I would go to the infamous Ballentent if you like meatballs, or go for the best fries in the world with peanut butter, onions and mayonnaise at Schipper on the Schouwburgplein. Get Rotterdam’s Italian ice cream at Capri as a dessert.

In the afternoon go to the zoo in Blijdorp and get a beer afterwards in the Statencafe, which is a nice walk by a Singel (the Rotterdam answer to the infamous Amsterdam Grachten, but better and cleaner). You might spot me since I live around the corner! I would recommend having dinner at Marseille since it’s a very cool, very Rotterdam, French restaurant. I dream about their fresh French fries and shrimp croquettes. Then to start the night go and see a movie in Kino Rotterdam (they always have classic movie programs, a great bar and tasty burgers). Or go and have a dance in Keile café or Perron. To end the night, go to the speakeasy bar: La Soirée. It’s so secret I can’t share the address because I would end up in the Maas probably. Just ask me when you are planning on going there.”

To this extensive list, we could just add an open invitation to visit our Rotterdam office during the work week and experience first-hand the energy of our vibrant premises. We have regular office borrels (the Dutch version of a small party with drinks and snacks) and we love socializing. And our office is just next to the Erasmus Bridge, one of the city’s main attractions. Let’s explore life in Rotterdam together!

Rotterdam On the Way to the Office

On the way to the office