Meet our new generation of developers

Youwe University banner
This summer Youwe joined forces with ITPH Academy to start Youwe University, a new initiative geared towards establishing and nurturing a new pool of capable developers. It’s a way to give back to the community and provide young talent with the opportunity to start their careers in a new and exciting field.
We are proud to present the participants of Youwe University: Ahmad Al-Mosto, Whalton Hippertt, Saad Sahmad and Maartje van Woerkom. Watch the video to learn more about them, their motivation to join Youwe University, the experience so far and their dreams for the future.

Ahmad, originally from Syria, moved to the Netherlands seven years ago. Having achieved his dream of becoming a lawyer in his home country, he is now on pursuit of another dream – becoming a developer in the Netherlands.

Whalton was born in Brazil and moved to the Netherlands eight years ago. He now lives in Rotterdam, very close to the Youwe office, which he finds very convenient. He has 15 years of experience in Contract and Procurement managerial positions, and has decided to join Youwe University, as he sees this as “the next natural step in his career.” His dream for the future is to combine his managerial experience with his newly developed skills in programming, so as to lead a team of developers in the future.

Saad comes from Morocco and, having lived in France previously, has moved to the Netherlands to pursue a new career path. He is an avid reader of criminalistic literature and dreams of becoming a hacker, but the one with a strong sense of ethics, in the future.

Maartje is Dutch and very passionate about the seaside, drawing, and of course – coding. Having always been intrigued by computers, she has decided it is time to learn more about how these work and has embarked on a journey of becoming a developer.


Are you considering pursuing a career in development? Watch this space to get news on Youwe University and learn when our new bootcamps start so you can sign up!