My first months as Product Consultant

A story from Wilmijn Deiman, Product Consultant at Youwe

Meet Wilmijn!

Only two months ago she joined Youwe as a Product Consultant. She shares her experiences of these first few months, the team and  her goals in this Life at Youwe story. When Wilmijn came in on her first workday, the office manager showered her with confetti. What a way to start your first workday! “That was a great start of my Youwe journey!” Wilmijn said with a big smile.

What is it like to be a Product Consultant? 

As a Product Consultant, Wilmijn is the consultant for both Youwe customers and Youwe developers. This means that she is responsible for being in touch with the customer, but also the go-to person for developers working on the customer’s project. She is an intermediary for both parties, making sure that the project becomes a success. Wilmijn enjoys the variety in her job, the customers, tasks and working with developers.

 “What struck me immediately was how relaxed and helpful everyone was, even when connecting through a screen.” When in need of help, she turns to her fellow team members or coaches. “I really learned a lot through the freedom I got to experiment, optimize and do it myself, and I value that a lot”. She learned how to be part of the team, and how important communication is. “In my role, it is so important to stay up to date, and you can’t do that alone”.

Product Consultant

What's next for Wilmijn?

She wants to keep on developing herself within Youwe, within her role and beyond. “I’m not done learning yet, I’ve only just begun!" I’m looking forward to passing my Magento 2 Solution Specialist exam to get my certification” 


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