The perfect balance between development and coaching

A story from Elisabeth Escribano, Software architect at Youwe

Elisabeth Escribano is one of our talented software architects. She has seen Youwe grow and develop since she joined us in 2013. In this life at Youwe story, Elisabeth shares how she became a software architect, why she loves her job and what it is like to be a woman in the tech world.  

As a software architect, Elisabeth is responsible for the technical decisions and the progress within the team. She is a developer, coach, and she oversees the Drupal team. Elisabeth likes the diversity of her job: “My work is the perfect balance between coding and helping others”. 

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved tech… 

When Elisabeth was younger, her mother taught programming. During the summertime Elisabeth would join her mom at these lessons. Her mom never allowed her to actively participate in the lessons because she did not want Elisabeth to turn into a child who only sat in front of a screen instead of playing outside with the other kids. Elisabeth joined the class and pretended she was drawing, but she was actually paying attention and taking everything in.  

When she went to college, people could hardly believe that a girl could program so well. "Elisabeth, are you sure you wrote this code yourself?" the teachers would say. "Informatics are not meant for women”. Luckily this did not affect her negatively; it motivated her to work harder. That is a relief for us at Youwe, as we are happy to have her!

Elisabeth has been around for quite a while now, she has seen Youwe change and grow. She likes to contribute to the improvement of internal processes within the organization and her own team. “Processes have become more efficient, making it easier for us to deliver quality.” 

"Never stop learning"

A piece of advice for new colleagues at Youwe? "Always be humble and stay open to learn from others." Elisabeth said that, even with her years of experience, she learns a lot from her team members every day. In addition, my team and I actively participate in  the Drupal community. We are happy to contribute to open source software and also learn from other wonderful developers.

When we asked Elisabeth if she had ambitions for the future, she immediately answered: "always!" She strives to be a coach in a broader way, helping people to be better developers and be the best version of themselves. 


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