Shrewsbury – A Cosy Old Town and a Close-knit Team

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For our next Youwe Travel Book destination let us take you to another Youwe office location in the UK. The timeless English charm of Shropshire where Shrewsbury is nestled invites us on a walk along its cobblestone streets, and the view is great. A glance of medieval architecture, natural splendour, rich history, cultural haven, and a welcoming community. You can understand how working in such an environment can keep our colleagues from Shrewsbury constantly inspired.  

It’s a town that is unapologetically English,” describes Mel Evans, a Senior Marketing Specialist from our Shrewsbury office. “Shrewsbury is vibrant with places of all ages and eras standing together in the patchwork design. Its cultural scene is just as diverse, catering to pretty much all tastes.”  

A place for everyone – that is also how our colleagues from the Shrewsbury office perceive their work environment.  

James Willets, a Visual Designer, shares his source of inspiration and joy at the office, “One of the things I appreciate most about our workplace is the diversity of skill among our team members. It's reassuring to know that whenever I need assistance or guidance, there's always someone available to lend a hand. Our easy-going team has a great shared sense of humour and is there to support each other both personally and professionally.” 

Teamwork at the Shrewsbury Office
Teamwork in the office

Mel goes on to remind us of the history of the Youwe Shrewsbury office, “In the middle of Shrewsbury town, the office here was originally a small agency called Fisheye. It focused on ecommerce design, development and marketing to build and grow Magento commerce.. In 2022, it was acquired by Youwe,” shares Mel. “The team here is very close-knit, since a lot of them have been with the company for a long time. People are really close; we share hobbies, we have game nights, go out for drinks or pizza. People are genuinely interested in each other and their lives outside of work as well.” 

This is exactly the environment that Alice Dean, a Back-End Software Developer from Shrewsbury, has felt in our office there, “Everyone has great sense of humour and genuinely cares about one another. Working here, I've made a lot of friends and I actually want to see these people outside the office too (she laughs).” 

Colleagues enjoying a friendly conversation
Colleagues enjoying a friendly conversation

Once you step outside that massive wooden door and find yourself in front of our little timeless black and white building, there you are in the middle of Shrewsbury town. What do you do? In the centre of this is the “hidden gem that people haven’t really heard of - all its nice bars and cozy restaurants,” as Mel describes it. The ideal way to find yourself for a day in Shrewsbury? 

“The town – which some people pronounce as ‘Shroosbury’ and others as ‘Shrowsbury’ – has lots of snug coffee shops, characterful old pubs, and several nice dining spots, so a day mooching around eating and drinking is always a day well spent!   

If shopping is more your priority, then head to Shrewsbury’s Market Hall which houses a number of independent traders from record shops to art, homeware, clothing - the list goes on. It has also been named as the best indoor market in the country, twice! Around town, you’ll also find many more shops – head to Wyle Cop which boasts the longest stretch of uninterrupted independent shops in the country!  

For a more immersive outdoor experience, explore the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, located just a short drive away from Shrewsbury town centre. With its rolling hills, rivers and streams, and charming villages, this region is a paradise for hikers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts.  Also, just a short drive away is Rowton Vineyard – run by myself and my twin sister, Zoë. The perfect place for those that enjoy a tipple or two, visit the vineyard and enjoy a walkaround tour followed by a tasting of our award-winning wine!” 

Our Youwe Shrewsbury Colleagues
Our lovely colleagues from the Shrewsbury office

If you stop by at our office, we are happy to share a pocketful of even more exciting tips over Shrewsbury and Youwe. For instance, the best part of our office there, which Mel summarizes perfectly, “When it comes to Marketing, I love variety, doing lots of different things, and this flows into my favourite part about Youwe - you get to work with so many different people and cultures across many teams that it is simply easy to be inspired and to make valuable connections that end up being your new friends.”