Six reasons why you want to work at Youwe

6 reaosns why
We often get the question... Why Youwe? Well, today we want to show you six reasons why you should pick us, so we can pick you. 

Keep on learning at Youwe 

Being an ambitious specialist means you never want to stop learning. There are always the latest technologies and trends you want to catch up with. Here at Youwe, we give everyone the opportunity to keep learning. Always wanted to obtain certain certifications for technologies like Magento, Symfony or Scrum? Want to work towards goals you have set for yourself with the help of the Youwe Expedition? Want to learn something but need the budget to do so? We provide all these things to support our team in their development, so you can achieve your goals.  

(Creative) freedom and responsibility  

With your creative thinking you find the right solutions (for our clients) together with your team. At Youwe we value the opportunity to express your creativity and we want you to know that your opinion is heard loud and clear. At Youwe you have a lot of (creative) freedom and responsibility because we thrive on the creativity and thinking from all our Youwe team members. You and your team have a lot of say in how you want to do things together.  

Flexible working hours 

At Youwe you have a say in your own working schedule. Are you an early bird? No problem! Not a morning person? Again, no problem! You can decide on your working schedule together with your team. At Youwe, we want you to take responsibility for making the right decisions around this. We're all professionals after all! You get lot of flexibility, created together with your colleagues to serve our clients best!  

Know what’s expected 

It’s always good to know what an employer expects of you! We have clear role profiles, circle leads who are ready to help you in your role, and of course colleagues who want to succeed alongside you. This gives you clear expectations on what your job will entail and will even provide some goals for you to work toward a more senior role. 

Project based working structure 

All of our teams have a variety of clients. Every client has different needs, which leads to different projects and different challenges. This keeps the work interesting, challenging and versatile. Different projects create the opportunity to take a deep dive within your specialty, looking at a solution from different perspectives. The variety, perspectives and challenges will keep you on your toes, learning something new every day - a truly enterprising effort. 

The Youwe Academy 

Did you know we have an in-house training program? Specifically for developers, we have tracks for juniors, mediors and seniors. Are you a junior developer who is eager to grow? Learn tips and best practices from our senior developers! Are you a medior developer who wants to become a senior developer? Our senior mentoring track is the way for you. Senior and eager to share your expertise? Join our coaching and development program to train others in your field in your drive for excellence and impact. As you can see there are many options to use the Youwe Academy to further your own personal and professional development.  

If you think these reasons are good enough to come work at Youwe, don’t wait. We have open vacancies that are waiting for you! Apply here: 



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