Staying happy and healthy at Youwe


At Youwe, we want everyone to be healthy and happy. This starts with taking good care of yourself and those around you. We have our own initiatives to work together on staying healthy and happy. You do not have to go at it alone, and we are here to support you through various healthy options and activities.

Are you in for a vitamin boost?

One thing is certain, if you need a vitamin boost, you have come to the right place. We have fresh fruit available for you throughout the week. From apples to bananas, and from grapes to oranges, it is all in our fruit boxes. At the same time, taking a piece of candy from the candy jar is also okay! Just know that there is fruit for you.

Every Youwe location has a different way of spending their lunchtime. Though there is one thing they all have in common: there are plenty of healthy choices available for you. How about a healthy salad or a great sandwich? We also like to go for a walk during or after lunch. Clear your mind and set yourself up for the rest of the workday!

Mark & Ali

Wellbeing is not only about physical health, as mental health is just as important. This is why we put a lot of focus on creating a pleasant work environment, because we want you to enjoy your work. We make sure that people end up in the right spot within their teams, as finding your place within Youwe is very important. With the help of (team)coaches our teams strive to do good work while being happy and healthy.  

Want to start off your day zen? We have a daily meditation and mindfulness moment, hosted by one of our chief happiness officers. Need a good cup of coffee to start the day? That is also an option.  

The most important thing to know is that at Youwe, we value healthy and happy people. All these initiatives are optional, but we know they bring a lot of joy to many people every day! 


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