A Unique Job Title

Meet Roos, part of Youwe's marketing team.
Rotterdam office

Who is Youwe and what do we do? Those are the questions the marketing department at Youwe answers daily.  To give us a glimpse of their world we talked to Roos, a member of Youwe’s marketing team.  

Roos has a unique job title within Youwe: Marketing project manager & digital content specialist. This may seem like a long job title, but it suits Roos, both personally and professionally. From creating content to event planning and project management, Roos finds her way in every part of the job. Roos: “I really enjoy working in a dynamic environment where no day is the same, it keeps life interesting.” 

We asked Roos how she finds working at Youwe: “I enjoy working with the other teams closely, you also get a lot of space for personal and professional development. Everyone who works here puts a lot of effort and time into their tasks, we all want to keep improving.” 

Teamwork makes the dream work  

Roos: “Working together as a team is extremely important to me. The work I do is complemented really well by the skillset of my colleague Helene for example. I create the content, but she will set up the campaign, and together we will make it a success”. Teamwork is very important within Youwe. We know our colleagues can do their work by themselves, but bringing expertise and experience together helps us create even better results.  

Stay ahead, go beyond 

At Youwe we believe that to be able to stay ahead, we pay attention to personal and professional improvement and development. To go beyond, Roos is always looking for ways to improve. Roos: "Whenever I see a challenge, I dive in deep to see where I can help so we can solve the problem and improve the process.  When we asked Roos if she has any big dreams for the future the answer was: “Of course! I want to keep striving to be better in the things I do, and I will always be up for new challenges.”