We See You. We Appreciate You.

Onboarding with Youwe
Youwe HR team

We were expecting you. That’s what onboarding with Youwe is all about. Our onboarding day, internally and affectionately called the ‘Youwel day,’ is an event for our new joiners, our Youwels, to mark the first step in their learning journey with Youwe.  

We want you here and we want to keep you. That’s why we invest so much in our employees’ personal and professional development, offering courses, training programs, and sessions especially designed for the specific purposes of our employees. This philosophy of learning and development is baked into the Youwel day, which is designed to get you involved, get you meeting new people, and get you learning right away.  

We only get one first impression with you 

Organizations have a very short window of time to welcome new employees and create a positive impression. After that window closes, it is hard to change the impression made, and that can affect you for the rest of your time with the company. This is why we put our best foot forward with the Youwel day. Knowing how crucial it is to make a good impression, we want to welcome you in successfully.  

Our virtual welcoming event is intended as a highly engaged set of interactions with other new employees and with executives. These bold and up-front speed dates show that Youwe is a place where, if you have a good idea, you have the freedom to share it. You will be listened to.  

We engage with you 

Jikky Lam is a Learning and Development specialist at Youwe. She runs the Youwel day and training programs that help employees grow personally and in their careers. She says that she finds it very important to make people feel appreciated and seen:  

“When I run a session, whether that’s the Youwel Day or a workshop, I always try to make contact with everyone who's on my screen. If I’ve never met someone, I will say something about it. I want to make a connection in a way that makes people feel they are not just a number. I'm really trying to connect with them. I'm having a human-to-human interaction, yes, which I think is super Important.”  

This upfront and personal approach is about getting to know you properly, so we can be ready to work with you towards your learning and development goals as soon as possible. You will be fully supported in reaching your goals, but the responsibility for your development also lies with you. We participate with you and you participate with us, keeping things from getting stale, static, and impersonal.  

You can be yourself here 

Inclusion and diversity are not only cherished at Youwe, but deemed necessary when navigating across a global company and international teams. During the Youwel day, Jikky facilitates employees to talk to each other about their culture with new insights. This helps us all to work better amongst different cultures and understand ourselves and others better on a personal level. According to Jikky, part of what makes Youwe a “Great Place to Work,” is you can be yourself here and that means you are being included:  

“Youwe is a ‘Great Place to Work’ certified employer. And, as part of the certification process, the employees are asked to verify a range of statements. One of the statements that keeps on scoring is, ‘I can be myself here.’ It’s really nice to see that people really feel that way. No matter where you come from or what you know, people consistently say that’s how they feel here—included and appreciated.”  

Onboarders feel appreciated, seen, and engaged 

Stef Kuiper, a new recruiter who recently went through the onboarding process, says:  

“It was engaging despite the event lasting a full day. I really appreciated the two-way communication. It was interactive and full of activities. The speed meetings with the management folks were fun. The whole day was comprehensive. There was all this info from Youwe as a company—its culture and functions. And Jikky was just great! Her delivery was engaging, relatable and fun.”  

What motivates us 

Jikky has been inspired to be a Learning and Development specialist since she was young. She met amazing people who showed her what this work is about. She used to be a consultant, giving workshops all around the Netherlands. What she says she likes about working at Youwe is:  

“I wanted to go for something long lasting and see the effects of the things that I am doing right. Instead of having people in my learning programs for one week, at Youwe, I can do something today and later see the effect. I can nurture initiatives here. And I think that's really nice. It’s beautiful and rewarding.”  

This is why your onboarding day is the first part of your learning journey. We want to get to know you right away, so we can be there with you down the line. By knowing you, we get to see you change, get to see you develop, and, most likely, be proud of what we see.  

We want to see you at the next Youwel day 

Joining Youwe and coming to work with us can be the start of a new chapter in your life, one we want to read and help write. We want to support and engage you and that starts with your first days. Give us the chance to make a good impression, to show you what we can do. You will be welcomed into an inclusive and genuine culture full of people who care and want to empower you.  

 Apply to one of our vacancies and come join in at the next Youwel day. We are expecting you.