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As a full-service digital agency, Youwe has many different teams and roles. From strategy to design and from project management to developers, we have it all. During the latest town hall meeting, we asked a few of our Youwels to explain how it is to work at Youwe and how their day looks like. Are you curious about that? Let Eline, Elisabeth, Patrick, and Erwin tell you more about being the digital guide for our customers. 

“If we look at how a project starts at Youwe, it all starts with the marketing and sales teams. The marketing team makes sure the Youwe brand is getting more known, and they also play a big role in getting potential customers. The pre-sales team makes sure that potential customers are contacted and the right people from the sales team are aligned to create the perfect pitch. This is where the whole organization comes in already. The new business consultants, make sure to align with all involved consultants and strategists to create the best possible project. It is a real team effort.” - Erwin, CCO.

When a new customer joins Youwe, the conversations of the sales team need to be made a reality. This is where the strategic consultants come in. At Youwe we are the guide in the digital jungle and to live up to that, we first need to create a clear roadmap with the customer. To fill in the roadmap, a series of workshops are organized to make sure the customer is on the right path.

“To translate the roadmap to a tangible solution the design team focuses on creating a design which is not only fitting the needs of the customer but also their customers. Especially in e-commerce, the designs need to be created in a way that the goal of the website is reached, and conversions are achieved.”  Patrick, Lead designer.

To deliver the project, Youwe has a dedicated team of delivery managers who make sure the goal is clear and the project is set up correctly. “As a delivery manager, we need to make the strategic plans a reality,” Eline, Delivery manager. “This starts with gathering a team. Together with the traffic team, the delivery manager looks for the right people from different departments such as backend, frontend, designers, and testers. After that, everything needs to be planned correctly and agreed on by the product owner of the customer, so the project can really start.”

As a software architect, Elisabeth creates the architecture of the platform which is fitted with the designs made by the design team. Then the entire team starts working hard on creating the entire solution.

“We need to have everyone involved at the right time, we work together in a project team which is not necessarily your own team, and ideally you almost have a daily alignment between all expertise’s, such as development and design, strategy and design, strategy and development, etc. So, we create solutions together,”  Patrick.

Eline: “And it is not only about having a great internal team but what makes me happiest is having a great collaboration between the team on our side and the customer side, so you have a partnership that works and you both work towards the same goal.”

The goal within Youwe is to work in a way that we guide the customer during the project, but also help them evolve and learn more about the digital world. We love to create partnerships for years to come instead of just deliver one solution which is needed at that time. Because of this, each and every single team within Youwe works to think along with the customer and share their knowledge. So, it doesn't matter if you are working in one of our sales teams, you are a strategic consultant, designer, or developer. You all work towards the same goal.  

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