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taco socks

Here at Youwe we think it’s important that every team member feels seen and appreciated. That is why we give our colleagues the option to publicly appreciate and acknowledge each other. In our internal messaging service we have HeyTaco, where we can give out five virtual tacos to colleagues every day. The more tacos you give, the more you appreciate a gesture, help or an action by someone. 

How it works 

Every team member can give away 5 tacos a day. You can give away a taco for any reason, whether it’s for thanking someone for their help or just letting someone know you appreciate them. You just mention your colleague's username, a nice message and last but not least, a taco emoji (or more than one of course).  

Winner of the month 

Every month a team member at Youwe has a chance of being the Taco Winner of the month. We asked a Youwe team member (and last month's winner) what he did to deserve all those tacos. Leon: “I think I receive a lot of tacos because I help many of my team members out. Besides that, I also share my experience and knowledge on our internal messaging service that could be useful for my colleagues.” Being winner of the month also means you receive a fitting gift, so you can show off your tacos to all your colleagues.   

taco socks

Giving out tacos to colleagues is a small but fun gesture that helps us to stay connected and work together towards our big goals. Leon: “I think the taco system contributes to a positive working atmosphere and it is a nice way to show your appreciation to your colleagues without having to tell them in person”. Want to receive tacos at Youwe yourself? Check out our open vacancies 



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