Youwe is a Great Place to Work!

youwe team

We are happy and proud to announce that Youwe is a Great Place to Work! Of course, we already knew that we were a great place to work, but we recently got certified as a Great Place to Work. This certification shows that at Youwe, we score high on trust, pride and fun and think it's great to work here. Let's see what makes us a great place to work!

Personal/professional development
We value your development, because we believe that happy people who keep on growing help us grow. We can't go without an ambitious, driven and enthusiastic team, so that is what we facilitate. Not only do we support you in your professional development, we support personal growth as well. Examples of how we have taken steps to personal growth are meditation courses and personal coaching. On the professional side, we have the Youwe Expedition, where you have a plan and the resources to take the steps to grow professionally.

Work-life balance
It's great to work at Youwe, but it is also great to have a healthy personal life. That's why we promote a good balance between work and personal life. Working late is not something we like to see. We want you to be able to finish your work within regular hours, so you can spend your time off doing things that you enjoy too, spending time with family and/or friends. 

Your colleagues at Youwe could very well be your friends - they are there to support you in a professional, but often also in a personal way. We get to know each other, and as a team have fun, but also work hard. The connection we have as a team is one that we are very proud of. 

Freedom and autonomy
At Youwe you get a lot of room to explore, grow and take responsibility. If you have a good idea... don't be afraid to pitch it. Projects, ideas, technical processes - if you have an idea, we will listen! At the same time, you are in charge of your day, week and month. As you collaborate with the team, you have a big say in creating the best work environment for yourself. So if you (like us) thrive on a great amount of personal and professional freedom, consider joining us.

Happy workplace
Well before we were certified by Great Place to Work, we saw the importance of a happy workplace. Because happy Youwe also means happy clients, everybody happy! We stay happy doing small things, like a (virtual) Christmas breakfast, game nights with legendary pubquizzes hosted (and curated) by colleagues or starting the day with meditation. It's all optional, but it's a lot of fun as we do all these things together! 

We are very proud of this new certification, and are happy that it has been acknowledged by the independent research organization Great Place to Work!

Do you want to be part of a really Great Place to Work? We have open vacancies - so make sure you send in your application now!

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