Youwels from Abroad

At Youwe it is the talent that matters most, and our talented Youwels come from all over the world!
Relocation experiences at Youwe
Moving from abroad to a new workplace is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. At Youwe, we understand this and thus ensure that our international Youwels are supported throughout their relocation process and settling in the Netherlands - from the visa arrangements, finding a new home, dealing with all the bureaucratic requirements, to the warm welcome to a new team.
Meet Erfan Ghezelbash, Valerio Tota, Jean Mattar and Pavel Shiriaev, who relocated from their countries of origin to the Netherlands to work for Youwe! Learn more about their relocation process, and their views on Youwe and the Netherlands.


Erfan, a Magento Developer at Youwe, relocated from Iran to the Netherlands with his wife, while they were expecting a baby. “I want everyone to know how much I love to work here! Youwe helped me with the entire relocation process, from plane tickets, finding a home for my family in Groningen, to the visa process, residence permit and a driving license,” says Erfan.

Valerio is a Magento Backend Developer, who moved from Italy to the Netherlands. He shares about Youwe, “I love the office. I love the scenery. It is a really warm environment - everyone is ready to talk to you and share their experiences. And I love the fact that there are a lot of different cultures here. So there is always something that you can learn!”

Jean, a Senior Developer at Youwe, has relocated to the Netherlands with his wife. “We moved here in April and Youwe was very supportive throughout the relocation process - they provided a comprehensive relocation package containing all the relevant information regarding taxes, registration documents to bring along, etc. I thought that was very useful in order to integrate well. To me, the best part of the Netherlands is its unique architecture and the fact that everything is very easily accessible by public transportation. You really don't need a car here! When it comes to Youwe, I love that they value and encourage work-life balance. The international workforce is a big plus as well,” shares Jean.

Pavel relocated to Groningen to work at Youwe as a Magento Software Developer. “I relocated with my entire family - my wife, two daughters and a cat. It felt really easy to relocate with Youwe, as we were provided with all kinds of tips and practical assistance we needed. The Netherlands is a very comfortable country to live in: great cities and their impressive architecture, good transport accessibility, and amazing cycling infrastructure. I'm very happy to have joined Youwe - there's a very comfortable office, a friendly atmosphere, and of course, a dream team. My advice for everyone considering moving - Don't be afraid of relocation, with Youwe you can do it easily and comfortably!”


Youwe is always on search for a new talent. Are you interested in exploring the Netherlands and joining Youwe? Learn more about the available opportunities here. Reach out to our Youwels and our recruitment team to find out more!