Business Development

Driving business forward

We are at the start of the client's journey, but will also inspire them to take the next step in the digital jungle with Youwe.


The Job

From the first call to the start of the project and beyond, your role is to welcome our clients aboard. As soon as new leads come in, you take them on the Youwe journey. Every touch point matters, and you understand that clients these days expect a great experience. Whether you are a Customer Success Manager, keeping our current clients happy, or you have a role in new business, welcoming new clients, you know customer satisfaction is key. Setting up a client with the perfect solution for their challenges gets you excited, and you want to make sure it is a win/win for everyone involved!

The Team

The Business Development team has many different roles, yet they share one goal: happy clients! We have Customer Success Managers, Consultants and Strategists working together to drive business forward. We are really the guides in the digital jungle, taking our clients and potential clients on a journey to solve their challenges. Using our wide portfolio of services, we look at how we can serve our clients better every day.

The Possibilities

We are always going for excellence, and that means there are many possibilities to grow for you too. One of the options is the Youwe Expedition, where you are in charge of your next steps in your personal and professional development. We have the tools, you are in the driver's seat. We have an in-house career coach to help you take a look at your own next steps. Within the business development team, you have the ability to grow as an expert alongside other skilled specialists!


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