Creating happy clients from start to end

There is so much more to a project than simply doing the work, and that's what the Delivery team takes care of. We create happy clients, and we could use your help.



The Job

We are all about starting, managing and delivering projects. We want our clients to be happy, and you play a big role in this. You are the first point of contact for our our clients. Within Youwe, many people find you for information: Implementation Consultants, development teams, Customer Success Managers and various other stakeholders in the process. We count on your birds eye view to help the team do their best work and to allow the project to have a positive impact for everyone involved.

The Team

The delivery team is at the core of all projects. You work with a diversity of colleagues and stakeholders who each have their own expertise, so you learn a lot about the different aspects of the projects. That means you are in touch with a lot of people within Youwe, but you also team up with external experts who play roles in the projects. We share best practices and what we learn from our projects, so we can all grow together.

The Projects

We are a full service agency, that means that whether you're working on a client who has a Magento development request or a client with a digital marketing challenge, the projects are diverse. In these projects, you are able to add value by managing timelines, processes and expectations. The delivery team's superpower is to bridge the gap between the challenge and the solution, on both the human and process sides. 

The Possibilities

We are always going for excellence, and that means there are many possibilities to grow for you too. One of the options is the Youwe Expedition, where you are in charge of your next steps in your personal and professional development. We have the tools, you are in the driver's seat. We have an in-house career coach to help you take a look at your own next steps. Within the Delivery team, you have the ability to grow as an expert alongside other skilled specialists!


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