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Good design opens doors. We want our clients to succeed, and design plays a vital part in that. Join our team of talented and driven designers.

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The Job

As a UX designer, visual designer or motion designer, you know your work has impact. And at Youwe, you have a big impact for our clients. Whether you are involved in the strategic part of a design journey, or more on the visual side, you're driven to bring the best possible design to life. We work together on creating anything from web design to video, and everything in between. All so our clients can bring something functional and beautiful into the world.

The Team

You're part of a small team of UX Designers, Visual Designers and Motion Designers. All experts in their field, and working every day on becoming even better at what they do. In the team you can collaborate between the different expertises, but also work on your very own projects. 

The Projects

As designer at Youwe, you get to participate in a variety of projects. This could be within a development project, where design is an integral part of the end result. We also have clients who come to us with a specific UX challenge, and require a visual design afterwards. And even within Youwe, you can play a role in how other people experience our design elements!

The Possibilities

We are always going for excellence, and that means there are many possibilities to grow. Your personal and professional growth at Youwe is part of the Youwe Expedition, where our team is here to help you grow. Think about a team coach for your team, but also a career coach to take a look at your own next steps. Within the design team, you have the ability to grow as an expert alongside other skilled designers!

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