The next code to crack

There is always more to learn, more to explore and more to create. Being a developer at Youwe means you get to learn, grow and teach alongside other experienced developers. And of course you contribute to great projects, that challenge you to be a better developer!


Youwe Drupal team

The Job

Development is about more than code. You know it is about creating smart solutions that add value to the final product. We know that development is a challenge for our clients, which is why we are the guide in the digital jungle for them. Your role is to take on a variety of development projects, together with your team, using Agile and Scrum strategies. Whether you work with Magento 2, Drupal, Pimcore, Akeneo or Alumio - or end up focusing on the hosting side of things, you're always going for the best results. 

The Team

Before we talk about who is part of your team, we want to know more about you. What drives you to do what you do? Because as a part of the development team, you bring your drive, skills and expertise that helps out both the team and our clients. The team is here to help you when you get stuck, but also to get you a cup of coffee while you put your heads together to brainstorm new ideas. Development is great to do on your own, at Youwe you are part of a driven team, so everyone gets better. We are proud to have a great team with a variety of nationalities and personalities, who are eager to learn, grow and stay up to date with the latest technology.
We are Youwe, are you? 

The projects

Our projects are as diverse as our clients. Some need a solution to sell to their customers, some need a platform that fully represents them and others need something completely different. Working with (open source) platforms like Magento 2 and Drupal, we help our clients with a smart solution, developed, hosted and implemented by enthusiastic experts like you. When it comes to integrations, we use tools like Alumio, where we connect systems for reliable data exchange. When a client needs to manage their product information, we implement a PIM like Akeneo or Pimcore to make it easier for them. We listen to our clients and work to deliver the best solution for them.

The Possibilities

We are always going for excellence, and that means there are many possibilities to grow for you too. One of the options is the Youwe Expedition, where you are in charge of your next steps in your personal and professional development. We have the tools, you are in the driver's seat. We have an in-house career coach to help you take a look at your own next steps. Within the development team, you have the ability to grow as an expert alongside other skilled developers!

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