Ever thought about relocating to the Netherlands

Groningen | Full-time

Ever thought about relocating to the Netherlands

Groningen Full-time

Have you ever thought about being a software developer in the Netherlands? We would like to offer you a great opportunity!

Hi, we are Youwe, a full-service digital agency with offices in the Nordics, the UK, Ukraine, Indonesia, and our HQ is located in the Netherlands. We are looking for European and/or non-European developers who are interested in relocating for work and have experience with Drupal/Symfony or Magento 2/PHP. Is that you? Let us tell you more about relocating to the Netherlands.

Did you know, the Netherlands edition

  • People living in the Netherlands generally enjoy a high quality of life, with well-maintained infrastructure, very little corruption, low levels of crime, a healthy biking culture, a healthy work-life balance, and pretty reliable systems across the board.
  • The quality of education in the Netherlands is amongst the best in Europe, from kindergarten right through to university. Tertiary education is remarkably affordable compared to other English-speaking nations, which is partially why the Netherlands attracts so many international students.
  • International communities have a strong presence in this tiny country and, especially in the larger cities, locals are relatively tolerant of immigrants. The fact that the Dutch are known for being the best non-native speakers of English reflects their desire to connect with the world at large.
  • As with any country, there are pros and cons to moving to the Netherlands. Of course, in our humble opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons (assuming you don’t mind a bit of rain). ☔️
  • People in the Netherlands are very “gezellig”. You must be wondering, what that means. But there really isn’t a good translation for it. It means we are fun, warm, and open all at once.

Learn more about relocating to the Netherlands from our Drupal developer Tiago, he knows all about it! https://careers.youweagency.com/blog/relocating-netherlands-0

What we will offer you

We have a great team of driven and enthusiastic colleagues, who can't wait to learn from you. That means you get a lot of freedom to bring your knowledge and experience. Youwe is Great Place to Work certified, which means that we care about both your personal and your professional development. We are always looking at how we can improve the experience of our colleagues. Together with our clients, we bring high-quality digital projects to life. As you will be relocating to a new country we will help you out with all the important stuff.

So, in short:

  • We will help you with your migrant application
  • A list of home preferences will be sent to the new employee, so our housing agent can help you find a new house which fits all your needs
  • The housing agent will visit a minimum of 6 available houses
  • We will help you with getting a new health insurance card
  • We will help you arrive in the Netherlands in the best possible way
  • Once, arrived we can help you with anything you need to set up your “new” life.

About Youwe

So, who are we? Youwe is not just another digital agency. We stay ahead, go beyond with our solutions for organizations that want to move forward digitally. This makes us the perfect "guide in the digital jungle" for our clients like Aramco, Schneider Electric, Nestlé, Auping, and Quooker.

  • We help our customers connecting the dots in online presence
  • We help companies in their full-service awareness and digital transformation
  • Keep on learning, that’s why we have the Youwe expedition
  • (Creative) freedom and responsibility are extremely important
  • You will have flexibility in working hours
  • We set clear expectations
  • We have international clients and teams
  • You will be working on challenging (award-winning) projects
  • Youwe has a hybrid working surroundings

Want to know more/ Interested?

Contact Maaike van der Linden and we will plan a meeting to tell you more about Youwe, our projects, and the relocating program.