Senior Magento 2 Backend Developer

Shrewsbury | Full-time

Senior Magento 2 Backend Developer

Shrewsbury Full-time

The Senior Backend Developer will revolutionize the way websites and applications are built, pushing the boundaries of technology with every line of code.

The Opportunity 

Joining Youwe as a Senior Backend Developer offers a unique and exciting opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking digital agency that prides itself on leading through innovation and excellence.

Your role as a Senior Backend Developer at Youwe 

Overall, an Adobe Commerce Backend Developer's day at Youwe involves a mix of coding, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication to build and maintain Adobe Commerce websites effectively. Here’s how a typical day in the role goes:

  • Morning planning session and daily stand-up with the project team
  • Diving into development tasks such as implementing new features, fixing bugs, optimizing website performance, and integrating third-party services
  • Collaborating with other Developers, QA Engineers, and Designers through code reviews and feedback sessions
  • Troubleshooting and debugging issues in the code or platform to ensure website operation
  • Communication with team members, stakeholders, and clients to discuss requirements, seek clarification and provide updates
  • Continuous learning and skill development to stay up-to-date with new technologies and best practices
  • Documentation of code, APIs, configurations, and processes to facilitate understanding and maintenance
  • End-of-day review of progress, updating project tracking tools, and preparing for the next day's tasks, including wrap-up meetings with the team

Who you are

Adaptability: You thrive in changing environments and are eager to embrace new challenges and technologies. Your flexibility allows you to work effectively within our hybrid and office working arrangements, accommodating team members across various locations and time zones.   

Cross-Cultural Competence: You possess a deep understanding and respect for cultural diversity, demonstrating sensitivity to different cultural norms and practices. Your ability to navigate and appreciate a multicultural workforce is essential for fostering an inclusive team environment. 

Exceptional Communication Skills: Your communication is clear, concise, and effective, both in writing and verbally. You excel at listening and engaging in meaningful dialogues, ensuring technical concepts are accessible to all team members & customers including those without a technical background. 

Problem-Solving Prowess: You are analytical and innovative, capable of identifying complex issues and developing efficient solutions. Your critical thinking skills are paramount in overcoming the technical challenges inherent in Magento 2/Adobe Commerce development. 

What you have 

Technical skills 

  • 5 years plus of experience with Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) 
  • Adobe Commerce / Magento 2 Certification preferable, but not necessary 
  • Solid experience with PHP 
  • Experience with using source control (Github / Bitbbucket) 
  • Working knowledge of tools such as JIRA 

 Soft Skills 

  • Critical thinker and great problem-solving skills 
  • Strong communicator - able to convey technical solutions and challenges to both non-technical and very technical audiences 
  • Can work under pressure with strong multi-tasking capabilities 
  • Self-motivated with a positive attitude and keen to learn new relevant technologies (and share that knowledge with others) 

Life at Youwe

Your homebase is our diverse, international team of driven, fun and like-minded specialists. People you can talk to and bounce ideas off. And if you think we can do better, let us know! At Youwe you’re not on your own. You’ll get all the support you need and we’ll help you get started in no time. Our teams are growing rapidly, offering you plenty of opportunities to evolve and grow your career!

To me, being a developer as part of the Shrewsbury team means working alongside not just my colleagues but my friends. Coming into the office means, putting my slippers on, grabbing a cup of coffee, and collaborating to implement high quality work that we are all proud of, and knowing that if I'm ever stuck someone will always be there for me.


Who you’ll work with

Meet some of your new team members

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What you get

Dream big, start small, grow smart! We believe in people who think about how great they want to be, not how great they are. And for you to become what you want to be, we are committed to your personal and career development. We are proud to be ‘Great Place to Work’ certified and are continuously looking to improve your employee experience!

  • Hybrid way of working (60% office, 40% home): Work your way, with the flexibility of combining remote and office days;
  • Flexible working hours: Decide yourself if you kick start your working day as an early bird or maybe you prefer to start a bit later – both fine by us;
  • Company equipment: Mac laptop;
  • Office snacks and drinks: Our office is stocked with delicious snacks and refreshing drinks to keep your energy levels high throughout the day;
  • Study budget: Unlock your learning potential with our dedicated budget for personal and professional growth;
  • Study days off: Take a break from work and dive into learning adventures - Youwe gives you additional free days to dedicate to your study;
  • Working from abroad: Wanderlust calling or want to visit family/friends? Work from wherever your heart desires for 4 weeks per year;
  • Loyalty days: Celebrate your 3rd work anniversary at Youwe with some time off;
  • Parental leave: We are here to fully support you in the greatest adventure of your life, with several weeks of your parental leave fully covered;
  • Vitality Health Insurance - Fully covered extensive private health insurance with Vitality Health.

We are Youwe

Working with the world’s leading technology partners, such as Adobe, Pimcore, Shopify and dotdigital, we are the global digital agency for ambitious businesses looking to accelerate growth. Our 300+ developers, consultants, designers, digital marketers and strategists are best in class. Stimulated by our inclusive culture, in which curiosity and emotional intelligence help us be upfront and true to ourselves, we are confident problem solvers. Leveraging technology, data and creativity, we stay ahead and go beyond to deliver exceptional, personalised customer experiences at scale!

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