Do great work together

As part of the staff at Youwe, you are in an essential position. Your role helps the team do their best work, so we can succeed together. Join the team!


The Job

Being a member of the staff at Youwe means you play an important role in how we continue to grow. Staff covers a variety of jobs, like Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Daily Operations. You want to get even better in your field of expertise and work together with other ambitious experts. It's time to do great work together. We are Youwe, are you?

The Team

We work together with and for the entire Youwe team! Every team has their own goals, and you are ready to make a difference for them with your expertise. Your impact shines through in various ways; happy clients, happy employees and moving Youwe forward as the go-to guide in the digital jungle. 

The Possibilities

We are always going for excellence, and that means there are many possibilities to grow for you too. One of the options is the Youwe Expedition, where you are in charge of your next steps in your personal and professional development. We have the tools, you are in the driver's seat. We have an in-house career coach to help you take a look at your own next steps. As part of the staff at Youwe, you have the ability to grow as an expert alongside other skilled experts!

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Senior Magento 2 Backend Developer Full-time Shrewsbury